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Advanced Allergy Relief Centers

When most people look for natural allergy cures, they turn to herbs or some sort of supplement. You might want to consider changing your environment. Recent studies indicate that a persons surroundings might be the most important factor to whether they get allergies or not. Rates of asthma among kids in urban areas has been increasing rapidly while children in rural areas have have not. Its easier to make changes in your home and prevent a attack, rather than trying to relieve your symptoms.

Tips For Natural Allergy Relief

Keep a clean house, allergens love dirty homes. Clean furniture, wall coverings and floors regularly to prevent dust build up. It is best to keep your house clutter free. Little figurines and nick knacks are a great hiding spot for dust and very hard to keep clean. Don't leave your clothes and towels lying on the floor. Towels can be susceptible to mildew and mold spores.

Go Green! Get rid of all those toxic household cleaners and replace them with more natural products. Today's cleaning products contain a toxic soup of over 17,000 chemicals. It takes less than a minute of being exposed to some of these chemicals to make the bodies internal organs react. Many of these cleaners are inhaled as toxic fumes. There are natural cleaners available for all your cleaning needs.

Get rid of that wall to wall carpeting, it belongs back in the 70's. Carpets are a gathering place for dust mites, dirt, dander and mildew. Space between carpet fibers quickly fill with dirt and allows them to become dark microbe and bacteria dens. Area carpets are a little better because they are easier to clean and can be hung in direct sunlight. Sunlight is one of the best defenses for preventing bacteria and fungi growth.

Try and buy more natural furniture. Many furnishing contain woods that are overly processed and over time they breakdown and release chemicals like formaldehyde. When selecting furniture consider the material and design. Look for a design that will not be a magnet for dust and allergens. Leather is a good option for people with allergies as its does not hold dust as well as most fabrics. No matter what you chose you should remember to keep the pets off and clean them frequently.

When you think about natural allergy cures you should not just search for the latest herbal supplement you saw on TV but consider your environment and think of living allergy free as a lifestyle. For more free information visit

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