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Allergy Medicine - Not All Medicines are Created Equal

When someone has an allergic reaction, it is not a lot of fun. Some of the allergy symptoms that you can experience are:

Puffing up
Tearing up
Migraine headache

Shock, if extremely severeThe thing is, every allergy is different and not all allergy medication is the same and works on all allergies.

You have to find the right medication for the specific allergy that you are experiencing. You can do this by talking to your doctor or to an allergy specialist. This way you can find the best allergy medicine for you.What is the test for allergies?When you are getting tested for allergies, they have to test many different substances in order to pinpoint what you are allergic to. What they do is inject you, usually down the length of your spine, with several different substances. This can be anything from daily products like grass to dander to even dust.What they're looking for is a reaction. If you are allergic to a substance your skin will become red and raised at the injection site. This is a sure sign that you are allergic. This way once they know what you are allergic to they can prescribe the correct medicine.

Prescription compared to over the counterWhen you have an allergy you must find a medication that works for you. Say for example, you only have mild allergies, then probably an over the counter allergy medicine will be fine. But then there are severe allergies. For example, say you are allergic to shellfish, and when you leave it you blow up and have to be rushed to the hospital. An over the counter allergy medicine will not work for this. This technology will require a prescription from your doctor.If you are allergic to something and want to get rid of it are at least help the symptoms, get tested and ask your allergist's for some kind of allergy medicine that will help you feel better.

If you want to enjoy life and if there is an allergy medicine out there that will work for you then you better go out and find that medicine.For more information on this topic as well as other asthma / allergy related topics visit: Allergy Medicine

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