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Alligator Skin Dust Mite Allergy

If you get up in the morning or after a refreshing brief afternoon siesta and have symptoms like sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, nasal stuffiness, runny nose or stuffy ears chances are you are suffering from dust mite allergy.

Dust mites belong to the same family as spiders and are often found in homes. However they are so small ,they cannot be seen by the naked eye. The bedroom is a perfect abode for these house dust mites and they make homes in your pillows, mattresses, blankets & bed springs. One study conducted by researchers found that the average bed has two million of these creatures living on it!

During the night we shed our dead skin cells and they often get attached to the mattresses we sleep on. Dust mites consume these dead skin cells and shed their waste droppings on the bed itself. Their waste containing allergens and debris and is the cause of most allergies. At least 10% of humans are allergic to dust mite droppings. During its short 80 day lifespan, the average dust mite produces around 1000 allergenic waste particles!

To cure this particular problem many bedding manufacturers have developed hypoallergenic bedding for standard mattresses. Due to their small size dust mites easily slip through the pores between the thread of normal bedding fabrics. Hypoallergenic mattress bedding is woven tightly so that the pores are too small for dust mites to penetrate and infest your bedding.

Even if you do not suffer from allergies it's a good idea to buy hypoallergenic bedding. It keeps your bedding clean and hygienic. Who wants to sleep on dust mites droppings anyway!

Mike Lombardy is a freelance writer & mattress salesman. He also edits a small site giving information on selecting mattress sizes. and comparison of mattress dimensions such as Twin mattress and King mattress