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Canine Allergies

Is she suffering from dry, itchy skin or constant “hot spots”—red sores on the skin?

A canine skin problem can be something as simple as over bathing—which can dry out the skin or it can be something more serious and indicate an illness or allergy.

If your dog has a chronic skin condition you find difficult to get rid of or keep under control, she may have a dog allergy.

About 20% of dogs in the United States have a dog allergy and of this 20%, about 10% are allergic to food. The rest of allergies are a combination of flea, contact, inhalant (environmental allergies) and bacterial.

All of these allergies can be treated.

Of course, the first step is to determine what type of allergy it is. You can start with eliminating corn and wheat from your dog’s diet—the most common food allergens. Check the dog food labels carefully. You may have to go to a specialty pet food store to find a brand without corn or wheat filler. Look for a protein source to be the first ingredient on the label.

Fleas can also cause canine skin problems, besides the usual irritation, your pet could even be allergic to them. If your pet has fleas then you’ll have to take drastic measures to “de-flea” your pet, yourself and your home. Fleas are small, dark creatures usually found close to your pet’s skin if she has them. You’ll see them pretty easily, especially if your pet has a light colored coat. They can also live in your carpet and will resort to biting humans. They usually leave small red marks as an indication of their bites.

Besides allergies, your pet could have an infection like scabies or dermatitis. If you’ve already ruled out allergies, or you suspect it’s cause is something else you should visit your vet for a professional opinion.

Some things that can help soothe dry, irritated skin: * Oatmeal Shampoo used with periodic bathing. Monthly bathing is frequent enough. Every week is too often and will dry out a dog’s skin.

* Omega 3 supplements—Fish oil pills can be given—my dog eats them like treats--or you can get a liquid to pour over the food, this will also help to give your pet a beautiful, shiny coat

* Diet Change eliminating corn and wheat as these are the most common food allergies

* A trip to the vet to eliminate an illness like scabies

A canine skin problem can have many culprits. It may take a process of trial and elimination before finding the underlying cause and the thing that most helps. But you can find help and your dog will feel so much better!

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