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Cat Acne - An Insight To Your Suffering Kitty

Acne sufferers will know that acne can be a nuisance and it is difficult to get rid of if not treated quickly. Like you your pet cat could also be affected by it. This condition if called feline acne or more commonly kitty acne. The major cause of this problem is unknown but there are certain things that point towards a possibility of being the cause of acne.

Causes of feline acne:

These include food allergies, contact allergies, and stress. You might think how pets can be having stress but studies suggest it is fairly common. The other cause that has come out in recent times is the use of plastic dishes for serving food. This is because plastic is a harnessing center for bacteria and dirt that wriggle into scratches and nicks, this infects your cat and from them can spread to other cats in the house.

To diminish this problem Vets suggest to use only metal and glass food bowls, these should be washed on a daily bases, so that bacteria couldn't deposit on them.The other major contributing factor to this problem is stress. This can be treated by finding the causes of the stress and eliminating them, if possible. In cases of severe stress your vet might give some medication to ease the stress level.

In cases of severe acne the problem is not that simple and vets use antibiotics to solve the problem. These should be given to the pet strictly as missing a dosage can loose the effectiveness of the treatment. Although cats are not embarrassed by acne, as humans are, it doesn't mean that it should be ignored as it could turn out pretty serious.

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