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Cat Allergies

Is Mr. Whiskers making you sick? Exposure to allergens such as cat dander can cause health concerns in many loving cat owners. Are you afraid you or a member of your family may have cat allergies? If the thought of saying goodbye to Mr. Whiskers is beyond unacceptable, then please read on for the 6 tips you can implement today to combat those nasty cat allergies in order for you and your companion to live happily ever after.

When a cat washes itself the dried saliva sticks to loose hair as well as the cats’ dander. It is then released into the air, and when you or the family member with the cat allergy breaths in or comes into direct contact with any of these particles the results…an allergic reaction. Exposure to cat dander, hair and dried saliva will cause family members with cat allergies to exhibit some of the most common symptoms which are sneezing, wheezing, watery itchy eyes, coughing and perhaps even breaking out in a rash. These particles can become airborne or embed themselves in your carpeting, clothing and upholstery.

In order to live with your fury friend you may want to try a few of the following tips.

1. If possible restrict the rooms to which your cat has access to. It is imperative that a cat not be allowed in the bedroom of any family member who has the cat allergies. Bedding, carpeting and the air will house these particles and most certainly cause a reaction.

2. Wash bedding in 140-degree water at least twice a month.

3. Wash your hands after petting and playing with your feline friend.

4. Avoid contact with your eyes, nose and mouth.

5. Place the cat litter in an area restricted to the air supply to the rest of the house

6. The last and most important step is to purchase a high quality air purifier for your home. The air purifier will not only control the pet dander but any other problems with your air such as dust, pollen or mold.

Following these tips should allow you or the family member suffering from those irritating cat allergies to happily co-existence with your feline friend for many happy years to come. Great news Mr. Whiskers looks like you’re staying.

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