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Cat Food Allergies - How To Check Your Cat For Allergies And Successfully Treat Them

It is difficult to tell if you are giving your cat the wrong type of food or not. According to the latest studies and reports, cat food allergies are quite common these days. This is often due to the types of cat food available which contain many ingredients, often of poor quality that you would reject in your own diet. Typically, these products will contain lots of beef offcuts but also fish and dairy products have been found to make cats sick and activate cat food allergies.

As your cat usually cannot communicate to you which foods are making him or her sick, the only alternative is for you to be vigilant and observe the animal's behaviour closely. By being very alert to your cat's welfare, you can take appropriate action and even save your pet's life due to the worst of cat food allergies.

The Tell-tale Clues Of Cat Food Allergies

Cat food allergies are normally identified when you see various visible symptoms such as your cat's skin flaking or drying out. If you notice more flaking than usual or your cat often scratching its skin, then you should investigate why as this may be due to cat food allergies. Scientists reckon that there are a few specific ingredients in cat food that can cause mass hair loss or moulting in cats. Because there are so many ingredients in cat food and it can be hard to nail down the offending food, it is better to change cat food and see if there is an improvement. Just switching a brand can often help.

Cat food allergies can also manifest themselves in loss of appetite for your cat or other digestive problems. If your cat turns his nose up at a certain food, then it is best to try something different. Also, observe your cat's toilet habits. Usually a cat will defecate once every day, probably in the morning, or perhaps twice a day. If, suddenly, your cat has especially soft stools or different frequency in toilet habits, this may coincide with a change in diet and introduction of cat food allergies. If so, restore the original diet for a while before trying something different.

Remember, if in doubt, take your cat to the vet for solid medical advice.

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