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Cat Food Allergies

Process of elimination is the best way to solve allergies, especially if you have loving pets around.

Living with 9 cats and one dog all my family members were not prone to allergies, possible the minor itching of the eye from petting the cat, but that was solved by washing ones hands.

One evening my husband had this terrible sneezing attack and his body started to itch as well. We'll Poor Hilda our grey tabby cat was getting the evil eye from my husband. I knew that her days were numbered on our bed. Eventually my husband sneezed himself to sleep with a little help from the over the counter allergy medicine.

The next day I started the process of elimination and checked all the cleaners to see what was in them and found a high content of perfume in the clothes detergent my husband had bought on sale. I immediately went out and bought a perfume free detergent and washed all the clothes and sheets with that. In a matter of a few days the allergies stop. Hilda was back on our bed purring away. So please check out the perfume content in all your cleaners and detergents before finding new homes for your precious pets.

Happy Cleaning

Maria Brittis is a full time mom and Fuller Brush Distributor.On her spare time she fundraises for the low cost spay and neuter assistance program in South Carolina, Visit her websites: and