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Cells Indicating Food Allergies

More and more we are becoming dependant on prescription drugs. Well, I am here to tell you that if you have asthma or allergies you don't have to use drugs to cure your symptoms. Now you can naturally cure your asthma and allergies. There are other solutions to rid yourself of your asthma or your allergies naturally. Drug companies are making millions of dollars because of our dependencies on prescription drugs.

Why keep giving them money over and over again? There are other alternatives. Curing your asthma or allergies naturally will be one of the best decisions of your life! Without all the side effects from the prescribed drugs, you will be able to do all the things you want to do. You will be able to breathe deeply without coughing or congestion. You will strengthen your entire respiratory system over time by healing and regenerating tissue . You will have peace of mind to prevent yourself or your loved ones from suffering a life threatening asthma attack and take back control of you life.

Asthma is an allergic inflammation of the lungs, which can be triggered by air pollutants, pollens, molds, dust, animal dander, chemicals, foods, exercise, or even temperature changes.

These triggers produce allergens, which are absorbed into the bloodstream causing the B cells to produce billions of molecules of the antibody lgE. These molecules then combine with the mast cells, which line the blood vessels or basophils, a type of white blood cell. Mast cells and basophils both contain histamine and serotonin, and the antibody lgE causes the mast cells and basophils to leak the histamine and serotonin into the bloodstream. This, in turn, produces the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

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If you would like to learn more about curing your asthma or your allergies naturally

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