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Choosing The Right Pet

Many individuals and families explore options of pet ownership. Deciding what pet best suits your lifestyle can be a big decision. Questions that, once answered, may help you decide what pet choice would be best for you and the pet include:

How often does the pet need attention relating to feeding the pet and/or making sure its other needs are being met? Are you at home often enough to meet those needs?

If you travel, what would be involved with having the pet cared for? Do you need to board the pet? If so, how much might that cost? Can someone stop by occasionally to look in on the pet? Is that realistic? Can the pet travel with you?

What size of a pet would work out best in your living environment? Would a smaller pet be more reasonable, or would a larger pet fit in equally well, if not better!

Is anyone in the household prone to allergies? Should that be checked out prior to obtaining a pet?

How much will it cost to maintain the pet? What might projected food costs be? What other expenses might you anticipate with your pet?

What about health care? What expenses are predictable relating to immunizations and neutering, if necessary?

Are noise levels of the pet an issue? Will the pet have the potential to disturb neighbors?

Does the pet require a cage or additional required amenities?

What is the predicted life span of the pet? Does that fit in with your lifestyle?

Once you've worked through the questions and chosen the pet of your dreams, make sure you create a welcoming, comfortable environment for your pet. Have all of the necessary items purchased rior to bringing the pet home. And then bring your pet home, and enjoy every second and rewarding moment!