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Common Foods That Cause Dog Allergies

When your pooch is scratching himself constantly after eating, you have a problem! He must be allergic to his food and you have to figure out a solution before he will get sick or even worse - have a stronger reaction.

You might think at first that it's because of you, when you give him some of your home cooked food. Dogs are intolerant sometimes to chicken, corn, wheat, dairy, soy, beef, oats, and other products. If you recognize one or more of these to have given to your dog, it's time to stop doing that! By the way, why give your food to the dog? He has his own you know! Do you take his dog food and eat it?

If you're not feeding him home cooked meals and only dog food, then you must pay attention at what he is eating. Corn and wheat can be used in dog food as fillings, setting a strong reaction in his organism. If these are listed as ingredients, choose other types of food for him that don't contain corn and wheat. Along with these, there can be other substances that can trigger his bad reaction. Some sustain that excess preservatives used in canned dog food are the reason for allergies. Although they can cause other problems, studies show that preservatives are not the reason why dogs are allergic.

Finding out what makes him allergic can be considered a quest because you have to just figure out what is bad for him. And how do you do this? The trusty elimination process is the answer. Just give to your dog different types or brands of food and wait a while - a day or two. If he has a reaction to a type of food, check it off the list and try the next one. Don't insist on giving your dog the bad types because you can make him ill!

When you found out what makes him feel good, and give him the necessary ingredients to have energy to play without scratching - stick to it as long as you can. His health is your reward for the time and patience spent figuring out what is good and what is bad for him. Now he can enjoy playing in tranquility and you will feel his gratitude and spunk!

Adrian Alexa is a freelance content writer for a long time now and he has been writing on different topics, mostly based on health.

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