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Dog Food Allergies - Discover How You Could Save Your Dog's Life

As with people, there has been a five fold increase in dog food allergies in the past thirty years. This may be because domesticated animals experience the same environmental changes that we do that have led to this greater susceptibility to allergies.

Do you love to share your food with the dog? I even know some people who let the dog eat off their own plate! Leading experts the world over say that giving your leftovers to Spike the dog may not be a good idea. Whilst our own food may taste great and the food that we buy for our dogs may look succulent, it could cause a lot of hardship for your pet.

Actually, dog food allergies have been billed as the leading cause of illness and sickness in dogs every year. Allergies often run in patterns specific to particular breeds so you should do your research and be careful what you feed your pet. Dog food allergies can potentially cause life threatening complications to your pet.

How To Avoid The Danger Of Dog Food Allergies

Dog food allergies are easily avoided by good research and correct care. There are signs to look for and information out there that can help you investigate potential dog food allergies and eliminate certain foods that you know that puppy can eat safely.

Look out for tell-tale signs of dog food allergies. Perhaps your dog scratches itself for a few days after eating a particular brand of dog food. Or does she shed a lot of hair even? Perhaps your dog's usually runny and healthy nose will dry up when he eats particular foods? These tell-tale signs are all you need to make an accurate diagnosis of dog food allergies.

You can break the above down into easy steps by keeping a food diary. In fact, it may be easier to do this for a dog than for yourself because your dog will tend to eat at the same regular times that you feed it.

If your pet suffers from more serious dog food allergies, remember to inform your carer when going on vacation and leaving him behind. Treat the dog as if he were your own child (as many do anyway) and don't leave anything to chance. Make sure that anyone who is going to feed your dog is aware of his allergies. You may even want to consider getting it written on a small medallion to be worn on the collar next to his name and address to serve as a reminder to anyone handling him.

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