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Dog Food Allergy Symptoms Every Dog Owner Must Know

Millions of dogs are brought into veterinarian offices every year seekingtreatment for illnesses associated with these symptoms.

Most dog owners don't know that their dog is actually suffering from an allergicreaction and suspect that it is something much more serious. When a dog istypically brought into the veterinarians office, the first thing that the vetwants to do is to run several diagnostic tests to rule out serious illness andsend you home with an over priced, unnecessary prescription medication askingyou to return if the condition doesn't improve.

Dog food allergy symptoms can show up in dogs in many differentways. The best advice that I can give you is to watch your dog for subtlechanges. Changes can occur in your dogs skin or coat and may even bebehaviorally related. Often dogs that suffer from dog food allergy symptomsbecome lethargic.

If your dog starts to develop dry skin or if you notice minor skininflammations, I would first check for fleas and if none were present, I wouldstart to suspect that these changes are symptoms of dog food allergies.

So what can you do if you suspect that your dog is suffering from dog foodallergies? If you would have asked me this a couple of months ago, I wouldhave recommended a popular dog food that has since been recalled and a course ofVitamin E. Now, I whole heartily recommend that you treat symptoms of dogfood allergies just as you would if it were your child that you were treating.Start with your dogs diet but you may also want to apply Vitamin E oil on yourdogs irritated skin.

The first step would be to take your dog back to a basic, bland diet andgradually add to their diet. This is the best way to monitor your dogsdiet and pin-point the dog food ingredient that is causing the dog foodallergy symptoms in your dog. While it is not healthy to have your dog on abland diet for an extended length of time, it is fine to start with the blanddiet and gradually add ingredients back into the food.

Their are several online dog food recipes that are available for free but if yoususpect that your dog is suffering from dog food allergies, I would highlyrecommend that you check out thedogfood recipes written by John Miller.

For more information ondogfood allergy symptoms and what you can do to protect your dogs health,check out the dog health care tips blog.