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Dogs And Food Allergies

Where to start:

When people hear the phrase "dog allergies" they commonly think that you are referring to the itchy, watery eyes that many humans suffer when they come in contact with a dog but the truth is that our furry friends can suffer many of those very same annoying, sometimes debilitating, symptoms that we can.

Types of Dog Allergies:

There are 5 basic types of dog allergies and they are:

5.Contact Allergies

Some of the symptoms of allergic reactions in dogs are itching, scratching, biting and skin irritation. If you observe your dog suffering from any of the above captioned symptoms contact your veterinatian immediately to have them treated appropriately. If your dog develops dry patches keep whatever form of ointment or salve that the VEt gives you on the spots and try your hardest to keep the dog from licking, biting, or scratching at them. Also if your displays the symptoms of allergic reaction make sure that you have him/her tested to identify the source of the allergic reaction as treatment will do nothing for your friend if the scenario is allowed to repeat itself again because you have no idea what caused the reaction in the first place. I would also make sure to feed your dog the best food that you can possibly afford to as it will reduce the chances of an allergic reaction but will also promot the long term health of your pet for years to come and Vet bills are not cheap.

Showing some consideration and caring for your dog will certainly help him/her to live a more healthy and enjoyable life. After all, you are essentially that dog's parent. Give a little back to someone that gives you so much.

George Kramer is an avid dog lover who loves to write about ways to care for our furry friends and make their lives more happy/healthy thus making our lives better. You can learn more by visiting my blog Living With Dogs at: