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Eye Allergies - Do You Suffer From Eye Allergies?

What begins as a harmless piece of dust can end up causing an allergic reaction in people who have sensitive eyes. The immune system triggers a response to what it perceives as a threat and or pollen can cause excessive tearing and drainage including mucus. Eye allergies also cause the eyes to be overly sensitive and irritated feeling and can lead to conjunctivitis and other conditions such as asthma.

The Cause of Eye Allergies

Most are caused by airborne allergens. These can include mold, dust, pet dander, and pollen. Some other causes can include cosmetics and medications that are taken in the eye usually in the form of drops.

Symptoms of Eye Allergies

Red Eyes
Itchy Eyes
Sore Eyes
Watery or Tearing Eyes
Swollen Eyes
Runny Nose
Itchy Nose
Itchy, Sore Throat
Sinus Pressure
Itchy Mouth
Difficulty Breathing

Eye Allergy Treatment

The best treatment for eye allergies is to avoid the causes. Staying clear of pet dander and keeping your home free of dust is a good beginning. Using a filter in your vacuum cleaner and air conditioners is another great way to keep the irritants in the air to a minimum. Avoiding dust storms and staying indoors in an air conditioned area can help to filter the pollen and keep it from irritating the eye as well.

When you can't avoid the causes of eye allergies there are medications that can treat the symptoms. There are over the counter eye drops that can treat the symptoms. It is best to use eye drops with few ingredients, saline solution is the best eye drop. Adding chemicals to the eyes can be dangerous and cause damage to sight.

Antihistamines are used to relieve the symptoms of airborne allergens. Using decongestants in combination with an antihistamine can relieve symptoms faster than using an antihistamine alone.

Antibiotics can be used in conjunctivitis if the allergies get to this point. While oral antibiotics are used to treat many conditions but eye conditions are often treated with an ointment directly in the eye. is a website devoted to giving you the very best information regarding allergies on the net. Whether you suffer from severe eye allergies, or simply want to know the symptoms of mustard allergies, we've got you covered!