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Feline Allergies

Is the "finicky" feline syndrome making an appearance in your suddenly discriminating kitty?

Has guilt led you from one end of the town to the other in your quest for "the" perfect accepted food brand and flavor in can or bag?

I know...All goes good for a while. THEN, you get the "look" or the "walk away".(Was it something I said? Did I not open the can the right way?)Has "fussy" or "hard to please" know, that showy display of disapproval that takes on a "flair for the dramatics" feline style?

My little girl Metoo will do this, not being known to her two brothers, Nikoli & Blue, who are still eating ravenously, the morning's can food portions set out. I believe her little nose is plugged up and not working at it's best. Metoo has a respiratory problem, including some allergies. (We all know allergies are worse in the morning.) (First thing I do when I get up, is blow my nose.)

Poor little thing, I'd have her blow her nose if she could. If she will take an antihistamine (Vet knows about this) I give it to her for some temporary relief. I know the rule: IF THEY CAN'T SMELL IT, THEY WON'T EAT IT!

PS: **I want to pass this "tip" on, as I found out the hard way:

As routine, my three cats share a 3.5 oz can (usually Fancy Feast selection with gravy), since Blue was diagnosed with small stones in his bladder at only 6 months old. I caught this early before a lot of pain set in, but I noticed him in the litter box, frequently, restless and producing NOTHING. So, the can food adds moisture and texture that the dry food, left out through out the day, does not give him. The boys need this. Blue has not had a problem since, and he is now 12 years old. Hope this helps!

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