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Using dry cat food to feed your cat has many benefits. Unless your cat has health issues that require the use of canned foods, dry food is usually the best choice for several reasons.

Dry food helps maintain your cat's dental health. As the cat chews the food, her teeth are also cleaned which lessens the buildup of tartar and exercises your cat's teeth and gums.

Price is a major factor. Dry cat food is considerably less expensive than canned foods often less than half as costly. And, your cat will eat proportionally less food which will make your feeding dollars stretch even more.

Dry food is much simpler to store. If the storage container is air-tight and covered, the food should last until the expiration date listed on the package, usually months or years into the future. An opened can of cat food must be placed in the refridgerator and used within one day to prevent spoilage.

Feeding dry cat food to your cats is easier. You can put the day's supply of food in a bowl, and you don't have to worry about food spoiling. You can even use automatic feeders in case you are not always consistently available to feed your cat at mealtimes. Canned cat food can only be left in bowls for a short period of time.

Cats that eat dry food produce less waste in their litter boxes. So, you will invest less in cat litter and in scooping time.

Be sure to choose a premium brand of cat food. Cheaper brands often aren't made with quality ingredients which could affect your cat's health. Also, cats that eat dry food require more water since they are getting very little from their food. Fresh water should be available at all times. Your cat can still occasionally have premium canned food as a treat, but for most cats, a predominately dry cat food diet is the best alternative.

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