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Food Allergies Double Blind Study

Would you hand your life decisions over to a blindfolded woman with a sword? Only you can answer this question. Me, Id think She has a sword, I better do what she tells me. Then Id think Hows she going to know what Im doing when shes wearing a blindfold?

The idea is that she will swing the sword without an eye to the consequences. Its not that shes blind in the eyes; its that her ego is blindfolded. She is not acting in collusion with it.

Why do I ask, you may ask. I am blind and becoming blinder. Im very interested in my life, of course, and interested to see how my social role evolves or changes as I become more blind. Is blindness for anything? Can I use it in some way?

Probably. Blind faith. Blind justice. Blind instinct. Blind fury. Our language thinks about blind a lot. When the urban legend Inuit uses all those words for snow he does not use them for linguistic diversity or literary effect. He uses them because the word snow has many applications.

So, evidently, does blind. Blind faith is generally frowned on. So is blind fury. People tend to approve of blind justice and accept that instinct is blind. For me all qualities are blind ones now. If I have faith, its blind. So it my fury, when it happens to unfurl. Also my love. Its very interesting to love people and not be able to see their faces.

So if I want to follow the example set for me by the language, its not about being blind; its about who I partner, work, or engage with. The first word in the blind whatever paradigm stays the same. The second one is changed and empowered.

Those that have ears, let them hear.

Bill Moore is the founder of Beside his lifelong study of the tarot and kabbalah, he has been very successful in life as an educator, administrator, financial analyst, and business coach. In 2000 Bill became legally blind and since has devoted himself to assisting individuals through using his extensive knowledge of the tarot cards. If you have questions regarding family, personal growth, health, spirituality, or business decisions, then contact Bill today for a consultation at