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Food Allergies Food Diary

When losing weight, keeping a record of your food and beverage consumption is a very effective strategy. Keeping a weight loss food diary provides insight into the progress of your weight loss program and will indicate whether or not you meet your goals.

Record keeping

A weight loss food diary can be a simple notebook or a computer database. From breakfast to dinner, jot down what kinds of food or beverage you ingested, as well as their corresponding amounts. Also include the activities you did for the day and your hunger level. Indicate whether you were full or famished prior to eating a meal.

Keep a diary for at least three weeks. You do not have to record your food consumption for one whole month or year. It may be a little hard to accomplish at first, so jot down your food intake immediately after eating. During the course of your dieting, the calorie intake should decrease. This should not be the same with the nutrient intake which should meet the standard rate.


In general, a weight loss food diary encourages deeper awareness of your weight loss problem. Benefits of keeping a food diary include discovering the factors that trigger binges and cravings. Since eating and behavioral patterns will show on your diary, idenifying how to make necessary changes will be easy. For example, being aware that you take big portions of food will somehow force you to stop the habit. You can then make correct adjustments to your diet plans by just referring to your food diary. A diary is also handy when one has to consult a health care professional about their weight loss program.

A weight loss food diary helps one to be focused and discipline. It will also help a person to be deeply committed to a program.

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