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Food Allergies In Babies

Babies are wonderful to have and they are often very sensitive as their systems have not yet developed to the full protection. In fact you will find a baby's immune system is not quite as developed as an older child or even an adult. This means that your baby is more susceptible to outside stimuli as well as foods that are ingested. You will most likely find with babies that their sensitive skin gets acne, rashes, and other issues with the littlest change in their lives. You will also find that during a growing stage they can be hypersensitive to many things. Since babies tend to be very sensitive you will find they can also have many different food allergies. When discussing babies and food allergies you will find that some of the food allergies will dissipate after the baby becomes a toddler or maybe once they reach adulthood.

The thing about babies and food allergies is the immune system that was mentioned up above. The immune system is the cause of the food allergies. In other words you will find that the immune system decides that the property of the food such as the antibodies or proteins in the food are foreign and a threat. The immune system will then attack this foreign matter by releasing chemicals into the body, which then accounts for the rashes, hives, breathing issues, dizziness, and other food allergies symptoms that you may experience. Typically with babies and food allergies you will now within a few minutes if they are allergic to a certain food. The baby will generally show a rash or begin to have breathing problems. In some cases they will begin to experience stomach or abdominal pain.

If you suspect that you baby has a food allergy you will need to seek a physicians immediate attention. You will definitely want to have the problem diagnosed. If your baby develops a rash almost immediately after you introduce a new food you should go directly to your doctor. Your baby may not develop any other symptoms of food allergies, but it is still important that you see a doctor as it can take a few hours for all of the symptoms to develop. With babies and food allergies it is hard to determine what will remain with them throughout their lives. This means that you may wish to have your child tested as they get older for food allergies.

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