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Abstinence Rings

"What purpose does abstinence jewelry serve?" I hear this question all the time. For all of you who still donít understand the importance of abstinence jewelry, read on!

Will an abstinence ring alone keep you abstinent? No, of course not. But abstinence jewelry serves incredibly useful functions. Most importantly, your abstinence ring or other piece of visible jewelry serves as a physical reminder of your promise to be abstinent. Staying abstinent is a choice that empowers every area of your life. So whenever you glance down and see your ring throughout your day, you will be reminded that you decided to pledge abstinence. Your abstinence jewelry gives you recurring reinforcement.

Why abstinence rings and jewelry?

Because you wear them! They are visible to you at any given moment. Each time you happen to see it is another opportunity to renew and revitalize your decision. Really, there are many physical objects will achieve this for you, but jewelry is a great choice. Pick out a ring that is special to you. Make it meaningful, and donít choose a ring that you arenít going to want to wear.

Abstinence is a personal choice that commands a sense of pride. You don't have to tell the world about your decision, if you donít want to. But by wearing an abstinence ring, bracelet or necklace, it shows that you respect yourself. You are not ashamed that you, personally, have value. And ultimately, making life choices that bring you pride is the best way to maintain your convictions. So your decision lasts.Choosing abstinence, you will be faced with countless distractions to knock you off course. But just remember, we develop the capacity to truly love another soul by first directing that love on ourselves.

If you display your abstinence ring with pride...

  1. You become proud of your abstinence pledge.

  2. You are constantly reminded of the value of your decision.

  3. Your conviction to remain abstinent takes root inside you.

  4. Your capacity for love grows larger, and you are rewarded with health, happiness, & purity.

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