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Food Allergies Reactions

Allergy is a condition in which the body tends to react due to hypersensitivity to some substance such as food, drugs, drinks, pollution, flowers, and others. An allergen can be anything under the sun that might cause a reaction in one’s body if the body disagrees with that substance. Even a common thing such as sunlight and air might cause sever reactions in some if the skin is susceptible to allergies due to the same.

Food allergy occurs when the body does not respond in a proper manner to certain food products. Because of this the body tends to release antibodies to fight that food instead of accepting the same like other foods. Although the food in itself might not be harmful to the body the same can turn out to be harmful once the antibodies are released to fight the same. These anti bodies, one of which is histamine, would result in allergic symptoms causing all sorts of reactions on the body for no obvious cause.

Food allergies affect the immune system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, heart, skin and digestive system. They can be very severe in certain cases and prove deadly to the individual suffering from the same.

Most individuals are allergic to nuts, peanuts in maximum cases. Peanuts cause the most severe and deadly reaction causing even the death of the individual if not treated immediately. All the individuals suffering from this allergic reaction must make sure of every ingredient in the dishes before even trying the same as even the smallest morsel can prove to be poisonous.

Milk based products, chocolate, even breast milk can cause allergic reaction in few individuals. Eggs, seafood such as jellyfish, shellfish, prawns, and fish etc., fish can cause severe reactions in certain individuals. Even the most bland food items such as rice, wheat, soy might prove to be fatal for some individuals.

One of best ways to avoid these allergic reactions is to avoid all the food items causing the adverse reactions. To know what cause reactions, allergy tests can be taken at regular intervals. Avoidance of certain food items can help avoid these reactions completely in most cases. Also keeping the medication on hand in the event an accident occurs might be a good idea to avoid panicking.

When buying processed products, read the ingredients present on the label before adding the item to the cart. Even a bit of neglect can sometimes result in getting hospitalized due to severe reactions. Recipes that do not include milk or eggs or even rice, soy, wheat etc., are available online and can be made use of by those allergic to these.

As a popular saying goes – prevention is better than cure. It is better to avoid certain foods than indulge and suffer the consequences later on. Being a little cautious can result in a healthy and happy life.

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