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Food Allergies - Some Helpful Advice

Millions of people suffer from food allergies. Some donít even know it! A food allergy is a basic reaction that the body takes to being introduced to food that it cannot or will not digest. When the body is introduced to this foreign food, it reacts adversely because the foreign food breaks down and gets into the bloodstream. When the body rejects the nutrients or other components from the food, the body has a tendency to fight back with antibodies and other elements. Afterwards, the body shows symptoms of the allergy.

Common food allergy symptoms include the closing of the throat and larynx, burning in the lungs where the tissue lining is thin, swollen and itchy eyes and swollen hands. The face may also become red and breathing can be belabored. When people first suffer from a food allergy, they do not always know how to identify the allergy and often become alarmed. It is good to be alarmed because many food allergies are actually very lethal for some people.

If you or someone you know suffers from a food allergy, it is important to make sure that medication is always on hand. If you suffer from a very severe allergy, then you know that at times, it can seem as if there is nothing that you can eat. Even many types of candy are processed or manufactured in plants that process peanuts and other potential allergens.

Food allergy sufferers should know how to monitor their food intake. If the food intake is not regulated, then the sufferer may even have a fatal food allergy attack. Shots of steroids can immediately counteract any food allergy and boost the bodyís response, so many extreme sufferers may be encouraged to carry a steroid injection kit with them at all times. You may also want to take regular allergy shots. Often, allergy pills do not help against food allergies, but they can go a long way to protect you from other airborne allergies that you are likely to be susceptible to.

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Tamra Cantar is a freelance writer on topics of interest and has a website dedicated to providing the visitor with useful information and resources for allergies. Please visit for more information on food and other types of allergies.