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Before we take the six steps in recognizing a food allergy symptom, I should first point out that what you may believe to be a food allergy, may in fact simply be an intolerance to a food item.

It is often easy to confuse an intolerance to food with an allergy, so many people wrongly diagnose themselves with a food allergy, when their reaction is quite mild to a particular food stuff.

A perfect example of an intolerance to food is maybe having an upset stomach (diarrhea, gas, feeling sick) after digesting a meal or drink (such as milk).

Typically, intolerance results in mild reactions, and require little other than a stomach settling medicine to resolve. However a food allergy can cause a much more severe response within the body.

However, if your body has had a stronger reaction, usually within an hour or so of eating a food item, you maybe seeing the symptoms of a food allergy. So here are six major reactions to look for and identify if you are worried that you, or a family member, may have a food allergy:

  • Reaction 1 - Rashes or swelling form on the skin, especially around the mouth area.
  • Reaction 2 - Tightening of the throat, thus causing wheezing and shortness of breath
  • Reaction 3 - Sever vomiting or diarrhea
  • Reaction 4 - Very runny nose
  • Reaction 5 - Dizziness
  • Reaction 6 - In very rare cases, anaphylactic shock. This is where the entire body goes into shock (similar to an epileptic fit).

Remember, if your reaction to a food item hasn't resulted in any of the above reactions, you may simply have had an intolerance to food. But if you do suspect that you have a food allergy, you should always contact your doctor or GP and they will help diagnose whether or not you do.

About The Author

Allen Matthews is the main editor for, and is one of many peanut allergic people in the world today.

If you would like more information about this food allergy, visit for free articles and all of the latest news about Peanut Allergies.