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Golden Retriever Food Allergies

If you are someone that has a Golden Retriever, you are a very lucky person, these are great dogs that many people get a lot of joy from. You will be able to find a friend and a companion in this type of dog for many years to come. Golden retrievers are great dogs that do not take much care and maintenance. All they do require is love and affection from their owners.

Golden retrievers are going to be a larger sized dog. You need to watch their weight and not let them get too far off track. You should think about keeping them on a healthy and well-maintained diet. You want to give them high in protein dog food and make sure that they have plenty of water. You do not want your dog to get too over weight because this will lead to heart problems later on.

You should do your research on golden retrievers and find out about any health problems that may be associated with this breed. Learn about things like hip and elbow dysphasia, heart disease, epilepsy, and any allergies and other disorders these dogs may have to deal with.

You should brush your golden retriever often to keep the shedding problem down. You need to do this on a regular basis, as the golden retriever is one dog that will shed their fur all year long. You do not have to bathe your dog often. You can wash your golden retriever at home and use regular bath soap. You can also trim the dog's nails often to prevent any type of foot problems from happening.

Golden retrievers are fun to train as long as you are patient with them. They do not like to be rushed and they love any attention that you are giving to them. You will want to be consistent when you are trying to train them to do just about anything. You can teach them what you want them to learn as long as you are willing to go the distance.

Golden retrievers are very well behaved dogs with the right guidance. You can teach them to be obedient and well-trained dogs so that you are proud of your dog and you will have the perfect pet that you have always wanted.

You should keep your golden retriever inside as much as possible. They are very social dogs and need to be around people as much as they can. They will be unhappy if they are left unattended outside with no attention from humans at all. You need to let them run and play and have fun with you and your family.

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