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Helping People With Pet Allergies

Many pet owners find themselves or other family members allergic to their pets. This is most true with cats:a great number of people just canít handle being around cats without sneezing, wheezing, or itching. Even though some will advise you to get rid of your pet, this is not usually necessary. In fact, a well known tranquilizer may help combat your pet allergies. The tranquilizer, acepromazine, is used by many veterinarians in their practices. It serves as a mild sedative and works best as an adjunct to anesthesia and to keep pets quiet postoperatively. Unfortunately it is also (incorrectly) used to treat various phobias such as storm phobias. It does NOT relieve anxiety in the pet by actually increases anxiety by making the pet immobile; better treatments exist for various phobias in pets.

Several years ago someone came up with the idea of trying it in a homeopathic form to treat people who have allergies to their pets. The acepromazine is prepared in such a way as to make it extremely dilute. This diluted form is placed on a petís food one or more times daily. If it works, the allergic person stops having symptoms when in the petís presence. Does it really work? I can say a definite YES after having used it for many years. Does it always work? Unfortunately not. In my experience I would say that most (80%) cases in which Iíve prescribed it have been successfully resolved. In many of these cases the pet, usually a cat, was going to be given away because the ownerís allergies were so bad. When it works, it literally can save a petís life. No one really knows why it works. However, since most allergies to pets occur from allergens in the petís saliva (and to some extent the petís skin cells and hair cells,) the homeopathic preparation must remove, reduce, or bind the allergens that cause the discomfort in the allergic owners.

For people who experience pet allergies, I would certainly suggest trying it on their petís food. I have never seen side effects (and would not really ever expect any due to the dilute homeopathic nature of the product,) and there is no aversive taste to the product.

Dr. Shawn Messonnier is the author of 8 Weeks to a Healthy Dog, The Allergy Solution for Dogs, and the award-winning The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats. Dr. Shawn is the medical consultant for Pet Togethers, a pet supplement company.