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Hives Food Allergies

Have you experienced a food allergy? How do you know if you even have it? In most cases a person will realize they have it based on a skin reaction as a result of the food allergies they may have. It is first important to understand how food allergies appear before you can understand the skin reaction as a result of food allergies. You see food allergies are dependent on the immune system. When the immune system determines there are proteins or antibodies that are foreign in your system it will attack these properties. This attack gives rise to the reactions or symptoms you will experience as a result of the food you ate and the immune system's attack. Generally the first reaction a person has with it is a skin reaction.

The skin reaction will appear in a few different forms depending on the severity of the allergy. First most of the individuals will have a skin reaction as a result of food allergies termed hives. The skin will begin to itch in a localized place. This itch will continue to be a minor irritant, but as the allergic reaction increases the skin will soon break out in hives. Hives are categorized as raised red bumps or welts. They are often quick to spread in that area, as well as throughout the rest of the body as the allergic reaction continues to increase. The hives are typically small in appearance and very close together. However, a skin reaction as a result of food allergies that yields in hives can have larger bumps. It typically depends on the person.

Something to keep in mind with the skin reaction as a result of food allergies is that irritating the area or becoming stressed over the issue can cause the skin reaction to be more pronounced. In other words if you become stressed you can actually psychologically induce hives. It is a reaction of too much chemical in your body as a result of stress. This means that for those with a food allergy they can cause the hives to become worse than they would normally be. Of course if you continually scratch at the spot you will of course worsen the symptoms as well. To get rid of the hives your best method is going to be hydrocortisone. Of course if you have more than just the skin reaction you should seek immediate medical attention.

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