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How to Take Care of Your Food Allergy?

You will never know what kind of food youíre allergic to if you never had reaction on food you have eaten. Not everyone is allergic to food they have eaten. But there are some who suffer this kind of situation. What about you? Do you have any allergic to something you eat?

Are you vomiting after eating peanuts? Or are you itching after taking only a little amount of seafood? Well, thereís a great possibility that you suffer from food allergy.

Yes, a person can be allergic to certain foods, even foods which are considered common to people like meats, fruits, and vegetables. However, there are actually some foods in which people are more allergic to. Milk, egg, peanut, fish, shellfish, and wheat are some of the foods that can cause food-allergic reactions more than the others.

How to Recognize Food Allergy?

What is food allergy actually? Well, before going further, letís learn first about the general thing - the allergy itself. Allergy is the bodyís reaction (an abnormally high sensitivity) to certain substances which are normally harmless. Thus, food allergy means the reaction of the bodyís immune system to a particular food that is considered harmful.

When someone with food allergy eats a particular food, the bodyís immune system will release antibodies which lead to triggering some allergic symptoms. Some of these symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, itching of the lips and mouth, sneezing, abdominal cramps, and difficulty in breathing.

Can a food allergy be cured? Well, itís sad to say that food allergy cannot be cured. How do you treat this food allergy then? The only way that can be done is to strictly avoid the food that can cause the allergic reactions or symptoms. Donít forget to read the ingredients of food youíll consume. If there isnít any, ask the store staff to explain the ingredients. If you still cannot get the information, in order to prevent allergic reactions, just find another food which is safe for your body!

If you suddenly get the reactions, there are some over-the-counter prescriptions you can use to relieve them. However, itís of course better for you to consult with your doctor before taking any medications, especially if your food allergy has become worse.

Talking about medicines your food allergy, you can get them for online. Compare some of them through the Internet and ask your doctor which is best for you.

About the Author: Novi White writes health articles on various publications. She has been working with doctors for their research publications. You can visit her Website at