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How To Tell If Your Dog Has Food Allergies And What To Do About It

Your dog may be your best friend and the only thing that keeps you company at home. If you dog is having allergies and he is scratching and itching then it is hard for you to watch him. Often times the owners do not have a clue to what the problem is. Most allergies come from the certain foods that your dog eats. All allergies mostly that dogs have result from a bad mixture of what they are eating. The most familiar foods that dogs usually have allergies from are corn wheat and soy. Some dogs are even allergic to beef and chicken. If you are nor sure of what your dog is allergic to and you donít know what to feed him then take him to the vet and get him looked at.

If your dog is always licking and scratching this is a sign that your dog has some kind of allergy. At times your vet will tell you what is good for him and what is not. Most vets like to give a lamb diet of food to most allergenic dogs. If you count on nobody but your vet then he is likely the person to go to. He will probably give you the right food for your dog but at a costly price, and sometimes you can make the food yourself by just reading the ingredients and mixing the food together.

You can start feeding your dog the foods that you know will not harm him and frustrate him or her. These foods are made to help your dogs and give them the foods and protein they need for a healthy life. There are a lot of dog foods that have a chicken based mix but a lot of others have a fish protein mix and that might be another good choice for your dog.

When you are giving your dog new food types allow about 4 to 6 days for them to actually get to like it before you take it away. Just simply have a little of the old food in the bowl with more than 75% of the new and steadily change the food that you feed them.

Nobody can change the allergies of their dogs overnight. If you have trouble with their skin then get a mix that is grain free. Then when you get your mix that is grain free just keep feeding your dog this food because it will not cause the skin issues that you had before. Many people know nothing of their pets and therefore cannot feed them properly causing in many skin and allergy problems. The only person that will know and how to treat and feed your dog right is your local vet.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his beautiful wife and family in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about dogs as well as pet food at