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How To Tell If Your Dog Has Food Allergies

More and more dog owners are turning to making their own natural dog food because of all the recent dog food recalls which have exposed what is really in these commercial pet foods. So lets take a look at natural vs. commercial dog food. Apart from fillers and additives and preservatives which are not good or healthy for your dog, there have also been found some very nasty ingredients which you would think should never have been put into pet foods at all, but unfortunately they have been.

Some of the unnatural ingredients found include, dead animals, animal feces, and also pesticides! If that does not convince you to make your own homemade dog food then not much else will!

The reason why natural homemade dog food will always be better than commercial ones is the fact that because you are making it you know what exactly is being put into your dog, and you can make sure that you put in ingredients that will make your dog the healthiest it has ever been and also prolong their life!

Dogs like humans also can have food allergies to certain ingredients so a quick stop at your local vets and you can find out what the best ingredients are for your particular dog or breed of dog, so you know you are giving them the best natural ingredients that they can have.

At the end of the day natural homemade dog foods will always win compared to commercial dog foods because commercial food companies are their to turn a profit, where you are their to make sure you are giving your dog the right foods that he or she needs.

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