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Ibuprofen Allergy

If you suffer from allergies, then you know that allergy medicine can often seem like a gift from God. Allergy medicine often only needs to be taken once a day in order to assure that you stay itchy-eye free and are able to enjoy your time outside or in your home. Depending on the type of allergy that you have, there are different types of allergy medicine that you may want to take. Here is a brief overview of the two most popular types of allergy medicine:


The allergy shot is a type of allergy medicine that is administered on a monthly or weekly basis. The shot has medicines that will counteract the allergies that you have so that if you come into contact with any of those allergens, you will not have an allergic reaction (or the reaction will not be as strong as it would be if you did not have the shot.)

The shot can also be administered after you come into contact with an allergen if you suffer an attack. The shot, when administered afterwards, will be full of steroids that will almost immediately take affect in trying to get you allergen free and healthy. The steroids will boost your system and help to fight off any allergens that your body is reacting negatively to. However, most people opt not to take the retroactive shot as part of their allergy medicine routine as this type of treatment must be administered immediately in severe cases so as to avoid death.


There are several types of pills that you can take in order to overcome allergies. These types of pills vary base don the severity of your allergy. For example, if you are allergic to a common airborne stimulant, such as dust or pollen, then you may want to take a strong, once a day pill, such as Claritin, however, if you have a poison ivy rash, then you may need a lighter dose of allergy medicine that you take once or several times a day to get rid of the rash. Benadryl is a good example of an allergy medicine that is only taken in spurts.

Allergy medicine is easy to find but is often expensive and can be a hassle if you are not accustomed to taking daily doses of allergy medicines. If you are interested in taking allergy medicine, then experiment with several types first. You will find that your body reacts differently to these different medicines, so it is true that one really might be better for you than another.

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