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Japanese Smart Technology Offers Allergy Relief

Every "Achoo" filled Linda Meyers head filled with 2 things: congestion and frustration.

"I was desperate and frustrated. My sinus headaches would create miserable days and sleepless nights. The medications would make me drowsy and tired. I finally decided to look for natural allergy relief. I wanted to see if any alternatives to the allergy medications I'd been taking could help."

Linda is one of 65 million Americans who suffer from allergies, and according to her prevention is the best medicine:

"I've really tried to create a safe haven in my house, with allergy prevention to reduce my allergy attacks. I bought allergy resistant sheets, mattress covers, got rid of the carpeting, and bought an air purifier. I wanted to see if I could prevent allergies before the pollen count goes up."


Help may be on the way as the Japanese have developed new sensors that detect pollen, odor, and dust. Originally created for more accurate pollen reports, this new technology ihas paved the way for a new generation of "Smart" air purifiers and "Smart" home air cleaners. According to Sam Barfield - an air expert in Los Angeles:

"Air purifier technology hasn't changed a bit in over 40 years old. Technologies like negative ion, HEPA, and UV have been around a long time. The problem has been: "Do Air Purifiers Work?", "What technology is best?" . This new technology solves these problems by continuously adjusting the air quality to be the very best based on what's in the air. It even saves electricity.


According to Linda:

"Rather than depending on anti-histamines and drugs I've been able to reduce my allergy attacks about 70%. Knowing I can get a good night's sleep also has reduced some of the stress. I'm still looking for a cure, but in the meantime I'm feeling better and feel more in control."

Mark Richardson is a Los Angeles based Health Practitioner and Author. He has been interviewed on over 300 radio and TV stations across the U.S. on how he cured his allergies and asthma by changing 3 things in his external and internal environment. To find "Smart" Allergy Air Purifiers try You can email Mark any questions at