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Kenic Oatmeal Pet Spray Allergy Itch Relief

If you skin gets riled up every now and then, there is every chance that your skin is either allergic to certain substances, or you have possibly been infected with a skin disease called atopic eczema.

Atopic eczema affects more than 35 millions of Americans at any one time. It is non life threatening but the intense itching that arise from this skin ailment can means little peace of mind even when you get to bed.

Before you scratch your skin even further and make your skin worse, we offer you a few quick relief methods you can take to stop that sudden rash.

Oatmeal bath

Learn how to make use of oatmeal to help your skin rash rather than just have them as part of early morning breakfast cereals. What you need to to do is to soak a cup of oatmeal into your bath. Add a bath product Aveeno and get yourself into the bath. It's pretty refreshing and great for calming your skin.

Calamine lotion

You can purchase this lotion over-the-counter at most pharmacies. Calamine can help to cool down skin rashes and lessen itching. A cheap and easy way to counteract those itch.

Avoid Benzocaine

Some anti-itch products contain ingredients like Benzocaine. Steer clear of such strong allergens as you may risk worsening your skin rash.

Ginger Juice

Used in most Chinese food recipes, ginger can soothe any itchiness in any parts of your body. To apply, just slice a small part of the ginger and rub the juice directly to your problem area. Works fasts if your itch is mild.


Use a oil-rich moisturizer to prevent skin cracking and irritants from invading those cracks. May not be effective against severe itch but it helps to soothe the skin for you.

Ice Treatment

Suppress the itching area with a plastic bags full of crushed ice. One of the best method to resist any urge to scratch. The freezing temperature will cool off the skin and definitely one of the quickest way to stop a itch.


This is a drug used to make rash symptoms better. It is pretty useful against histamine, an element within us that cause the itchiness to happen. Be careful when you use antihistamines though, as it may cause drowsiness.

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