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Rat Vets - Finding A Good Vet For Your Pet Rat

There are loads of good vets out there for your rat, but it is not always the easiest task to find them.

Some vets may be wonderful with cats and dogs, but do not have the same knowledge about rats. Some vets do not respect rats and think it easier to let it die and buy a new one. Some may overcharge because they don't want to treat your rat.

But there are some who respect rats and have knowledge about them. There are others who respect rats and are open to advice. These are the ones to track down.

You should try and locate a good rat vet as soon as you can, so that if an emergency occurs you know who to call.

Never accept derogatory comments about your rat.

Call up your chosen veterinary practice and be upfront. Ask whether the vets there have dealt with many rats before. Maybe even talk to the vet and ask as many questions as you like. Ask them how many rats they treat and their surgery success rate (it should not be less than 95%)

You can even ask a trick question, such as "Should I withhold food before surgery?". If they know about rats they will know that they can't vomit, so you don't need to withhold food.

When you take your rat to the vets they should put a towel down for your pet, so that the cold table, doesn't make them uncomfortable.

Read up on your rat's symptoms, so that you can maximise the productivity of your trip to the vets.

And finally...if you find a good one spread the word and contact rat websites so that they can let others know.
Catherine Smith 2007
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