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A large salt water fish tank intimately resembles the environment found in oceans that supports the salt water fish as against fresh water fish. It is not easy to upkeep the salt water fish in a large salt water fish tank. This is because salt water fish, unlike the fresh water fish, are less tolerant to fluctuations that may happen quickly in the enclosed space of the large salt water fish tank. It is important that the large fish water fish tank is able to function on a self-supporting basis, because every element in the large water fish tank is dependent on every other element for sustaining itself in a stable manner. This imply that salt water fish that are kept in an environment such as the large salt water fish tank is a balancing act that involves maintaining specific parameters to ensure that the entire eco system remains stable.

Salt Water Fish Prefers A Large Salt Water Fish Tank, Or A Small Salt Water Fish Tank?

It actually does not matter whether you choose a large salt water fish tank or a small salt water fish tank. The most important factor is that you actually choose a suitable fish tank that is of a right size for your salt water fish, and more importantly, create a stable environment for the salt water fish.

You need to remember that our ocean environment is typically quite stable, which is exactly what the salt water fish needs. It is important that you create this stable environment within the large salt water fish tank. An example is to not to allow a sudden drop or rise of the temperature within the salt water fish tank. Temperatures within the large salt water fish tank must either rise or fall slowly - just like the ocean. Otherwise, a sudden change of temperature in your fish tank will almost likely cause your salt water fish to fall ill.

There are other factors, you need to consider of having a salt water fish tank. An example if the pH level. The pH level should be 8.2. The nitrates should be <20ppm for salt water fish and <5ppm for invertebrates. This applies to both the small or large salt water fish tank.

It seems quite difficult to keep a salt water fish tank. However, it is a very rewarding experience to be able to recreate the environment of the ocean, and have it within the compound of one's home. It is even more rewarding to see your salt water fish swimming happily and elegantly in that large salt water fish tank that has been so carefully maintained.

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