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Suffering From Asthma Allergy At Night

If you are suffering from asthma that wakes you up at night, this can be due to allergies. An asthma allergy would be caused by triggers in your bedroom that will affect you while you are sleeping.

The reason why some people are more prone to asthma while they are sleeping has to do with the position their body is in. More specifically, the horizontal position decreases the negative pressure on the lungs, leading to those susceptible to asthma to have an attack.

Developing an asthma allergy at night is different for everyone. It will most often be seen in children, who have been put to bed recently by their parents. In adults, an asthma allergy at night might start with coughing and waking up suddenly.

If you asthma is due to an allergy, it is recommended that you thoroughly clean your house, especially your bedroom from top to bottom. This is necessary to remove as much dust and debris from your house that might be triggering an asthma attack.

In your bedroom, remove all the old bed linen and wash them thoroughly. If the mattress is old, replace it because it might contain dust mites, which can trigger an asthma allergy attack. All of the pillows should be replaced as well. If you cannot afford to have a new mattress, you can opt to have it and your pillows cleaned. The same should be done for all curtains, and carpet within your bedroom. When the room is fully clean, you should stand a better chance at preventing an asthma allergy.

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