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Symptoms Of Food Allergies Add

Food allergies symptoms can be so varied from person to person. Often you may only really have a food intolerance so you may be able to have limited amounts of a particular food or food group and not show any symptoms. Food allergies are often difficult to diagnose because the symptoms you are experiencing could be anything and generally more serious options are investigated first.However there are common complaints that people experience that could indicate food allergy symptoms.

These complaints could be headaches, stomach pain, frequent constipation or diarrhoea, fatigue, mood swings, bloated stomach, cramps, general feeling of being unwell, always catching a cold (immune system is run down), sinus’ always blocked, excess mucus, general bad behaviour, especially noticeable in children.

More severe or extreme food allergy symptoms can include extreme weight gain or loss, severe abdominal pain, autism, adhd, eczema, dermatitis, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, anaphylactic reactions or migraines.

There can be many other complaints that people have experienced that could be linked back to a food allergy symptom for them.

You may have heard the old saying “One man’s food can be another man’s poison”. This is so true. It makes sense that we all have different likes and dislikes why isn’t this the case with what is good for our bodies function may not be good for someone else. It makes sense that food is the cause of most of the complaints our bodies put out. If we put unleaded into a diesel car, it just don’t work.

My advice would be if you have general feelings of being unwell ie. any of the less common symptoms listed above and most definitely any of the more severe reactions, do something about it. If you continue to ignore this it will not go away, I assure you. You will continue to elevate your histamine levels in your body which cause the body to be in a constant state of inflammation.Think of it like water dripping into a cup, if you do not stop the drip, eventually the glass will overflow. Then you have food allergy symptoms. If ignored over a long period of time this can manifest into a variety of allergies and intolerances to foods, chemicals, preservatives. Your body goes into what I call “crisis” and starts to react to almost anything you put into it. A simple bio-compatibility test done with a hair sample can indicate what foods you are reacting to without any discomfort, long waiting periods or expense.

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