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Tumors In Rats - What To Do When Your Pet Rat Gets Lumps And Bumps

If you find a bump on your female rat, don't fret. It is usually a benign tumor. You should of course, still get it checked out by the vet. Female rats are very prone to lumps and bumps, especially around the mammary glands. Rats have nipples in odd places. There are a pair right behind their front legs, so this is a common place for a lump.

Benign tumors can grow very fast. They have been known to be the size of the rat itself. It is possible to have the lump surgically removed. If you catch the lump early, this is probably a good idea, as when it gets bigger it will make it difficult for your rat to groom herself and move around properly.

My beautiful rat Ginger has developed a benign tumor. Unfortunately the vet felt she was too old to operate on. There was too much risk involved. He also felt the lump would probably grow back elsewhere. The lump has grown over the last 4 months, but Ginger still seems happy. Sometimes she goes onto a course of antibiotics to help her feel better and she is more tired these days, but she still loves her cuddles and her best friend Mr T.

I have been giving Ginger a mixture of B vitamin complex, flaxseed oil and CLA, as well as a square of miso every day to help her body fight. Soy milk is also meant to help prevent tumors in rats.

If your male rat gets a lump, there is more chance it could be cancerous. Either way please take your rat to the vets straight away and be prepared for some nursing.
Catherine Smith 2007
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