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Two Kinds Of Food Allergies

There are generally eight food allergies that are common among most individuals. In this article we are going to look at the seafood allergy and peanut allergy as the two kinds of food allergies you can suffer from because these two kinds of food allergies are the most common out of all of the food allergies.

The seafood allergy means that the person is allergic to all types of seafood including shellfish. There are actually two kinds of fish allergies. You have the seafood allergy that includes everything, and then the shellfish allergy, where a person can still eat some types of seafood. You will find that with the seafood allergy scaly fish, and crustaceans are also included. This means that any food, which has been cooked in the same pan or on the same grill with the seafood could have a potential of harming the sufferer. The allergy is characterized by the immune system shutting down, where several symptoms will occur. Most often the person who suffers from this allergy will have epinephrine of some form with them just in case. You will also find that those with a seafood allergy can have a reaction from just holding uncooked fish. What I mean by this is that a severe food allergy means that coming into contact with the natural allergen can also create a reach for the individual.

The peanut allergy is categorized by itself, although there are certainly allergies to nuts. With the peanut allergy there is sensitivity to eating anything with peanuts in the ingredients. In other words the person who suffers from a peanut allergy cannot eat peanut butter, anything cooked in peanut oil, and cannot have peanuts in any of the food they eat of any variety. The peanuts will cause the immune system to shut down. Usually anyone with a peanut allergy even a mild case will see a rash, perhaps facial swelling, and will usually suffer from shortness of breath. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America most of the children who suffer from the peanut allergy will actually outgrow the symptoms as they age. You will find that about 1% of the population will suffer from the peanut allergy and must exclude any and all things made with peanuts from their diet.

These two kinds of food allergies are the most prevalent allergies, and there are many individuals who neglect to be tested before they first try the food.

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