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Understanding Allergy Sinus Relief

Getting allergy sinus relief begins with understanding sinus problems. A lot of sinus victims confuse its symptoms with cold and for a good reason, they are quite similar itchy watery eyes, runny nose this may translate into a serious sinus infection, sinus allergies or even worse a combination of both.

What are sinuses? Sinuses are four hollow spaces also known as para-nasal sinuses. Their individual names and location is: frontal Over the eyes next to the brow area; sphenoids Upper region of the nose; ethmoids Behind the bridge of the nose; maxillary Inside each check bone.

The tissue lining in the sinuses secrets a fluid called mucus. The mucus keeps the sinuses moist and helps clean away dirt when you inhale and exhale. When this tissue gets inflamed increases mucus discharge. They swell up with time and air cannot circulate as normal. This in turn creates pressure in the head giving you headache known as sinus headache.

What are the common symptoms of sinus allergy? Sinus allergy may produce a range of symptoms, some of which are: pain in the forehead, caused by the frontal sinus; pain in the ear, neck and the top of the head, caused by sphenoid sinus; pain in the upper jaw and teeth, caused by maxillary sinus; pain around the eyes with swelling, caused by ethmoid sinus.

You may also experience fever, fatigue, and body ache. Sinuses draining at the back of the throat can give you a sore throat also cough may be present which will worsen during the night. At this point, one will do anything for allergy sinus relief.

To get allergy sinus relief you have to first and foremost unblock your sinuses or nasal passages. Over the counter decongestants are usually very efficient. If you have chronic sinus allergies the doctor may prescribe something more specific, such as a steroid nasal spray; using the spray daily will help get you allergy sinus relief.

Another very important factor in dealing with allergy sinus relief is to keep your doctor informed so he can recognize your condition and treat you with the right medication. This will not only get you allergy sinus relief but your doctor will work with you to prevent any outbreaks.

One should also get informed on everything there is to know about allergy sinus relief and prevention. Preventing is better then a cure; it will save you a lot of pain and suffering that is for sure.

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