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What Are Allergy Eyes?

Do your eyes get itchy, red, and irritated? Itchy, red eyes can be the result of many different causes. Perhaps you were in a smoke infested environment that caused your eyes to itch. Maybe you have been sitting a computer all day and strained your eyes by not blinking your eyes as often as you normallydo. The most common reason however is because you have allergy eyes.

Allergy eyes is most often a negative reaction to a substance in your immediate environment. For example, allergy eyes can be caused by pollen, weeds, and grass exposure. This is most prevalent in the fall and spring. If you step outside you can be overwhelmed with allergens and the effects of pollen.

Allergy eyes can also be caused by exposure to our beloved pets. Dog and cat dander, along with dog and cat hair, is released into the environment. You breathe in the dander and it can irritate the eyes and cause allergy eyes. Donít worry if you have a dog or cat and you suffer from allergy eyes. There are ways to treat your eyes and keep your previous dog or cat at home with you.

What are the symptoms of allergy eyes? When you experience allergy eyes you can suffer from one or more of the following symptoms: itching, burning, tearing, and swelling of the eye. You may also feel the temptation to scratch your eye, which can make it worse. In addition, your eyes may become sensitive to light.

What be done to treat allergy eyes? Allergy eyes can be soothed by cold compresses. You can also try allergy eye drops such as Visine Allergy eye drops. Visine has created an entire line of eye drops that are specific to different eye irritations. Visine for allergies and Visine for dry eyes are effective eye drops to try. Antihistamine pills can be taken for relief of allergy eyes.

You can also take steps to improve the environment you reside in. Make sure to keep your house clean and free from as much dust and dander as possible. Use hypoallergenic mattress, pillow, and cushion covers to fight against dust and dust mites. All of these factors are potential reasons for allergy eyes.

Your itchy, red, irritated allergy eyes should clear up after the combination of eye drops, allergy medicine, and a clean environment. Use all these tools in combination to achieve the most beneficial effects.

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