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What Are House Dust Allergies?

There are so many people that have been sniffing and sneezing in dusty areas and it is no wonder why. The ingredients that are in house dust can cause an allergic reaction to anyone will include pet and human dander, molds, and even bug waste. Dust in the home can be caused from dust mites that are found in ordinary dust.

The house dust will include microscopic and even spider like creatures that are found in homes around the world. It is mostly found in carpets, mattresses, and upholstered furniture and will love the humid and warm conditions. These dust mites will live off human skin that has been shed. The waste products that are produced by these house dust mites can be very allergenic and can cause an allergic reaction.

Most dust mite will live in carpets because they will provide the best conditions for them. However, some are going to be found in the curtains, furniture and other fabrics around the home. They like to have warmth and need food and humidity to survive. Sometimes you can find the house dust mites in blankets and pillows. Female mites can lay 25 to 50 eggs and has a new generation produced every three weeks. It is very easy to understand why carpets may contain so many of the living and the dead mites.

Controlling house dust mites is important. This will help a person keep the risk of having an allergic reaction to them and keeping a home safe and free from any allergy causing problems. It is important to clean a lot when you are trying to control dust mites. You need to make sure that you are decreasing the chance of having any type of allergic reaction to the mites. The following are a few things that you can do.

* Clean mattresses and pillows all the time. Keep them protected with a dust proof cover as well and use polyester fiberfill pillows.
* Keep your floors clean and make sure that you are pulling up the throw rugs and area carpets for a good washing too. Vacuum thoroughly at least once or twice a week.
* Do not use heavy curtains and Venetian blinds if you can. Use window shade instead if possible.
* Keep blankets washed in hot water once a month at least. Avoid wool and down blankets.
* Give your home a good cleaning at least once a month and a super good cleaning at least twice a year.

These are all good ideas to make your home safe and to keep you from having to take on the challenge of house dust allergies. Your home should be a safe and comfortable place for you to go when you want and by having, it clean and dust free you will feel better.

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