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What Can You Eat Food Allergies

When you child goes off to college there are many things that you will be stressed about such as the fact that they will no longer be near you. Many mothers experience the "empty nest syndrome" as a result of their children leaving home and having their own lives. Of course I should say that fathers experience the same loss, but perhaps they tend to hide it better. One of the things a parent doesn't want to worry about is their children and food allergies as they head off to the dorms. With college students food allergies that live in dorms it can be a very difficult time for the parents to feel less stressed. First of all, of course, the young adult heading off to the dorm should be aware of what they can and cannot eat, but if you have ever been to college you know there are definitely times where a college student doesn't pay as much attention to certain things as they should.

Here is an example: a college student with food allergies goes to live in the dorms. The university doesn't supply kitchens in the dorms, except for a tiny community kitchen, so the student tends to eat on campus. Of course the on campus cafeteria uses a lot of the ingredients the college student is allergic to. This means that the student tends to just pick up the same meal every day because they know it is safe. Well a few months later they are having a reaction to the food they have been eating. This is because the college students food allergies in the dorms are getting worse. The person has been susceptible to multiple allergies to begin with, but without mom to take proper care and to see to a rotation diet the student has been eating the same foods.

This is a dangerous example and rare, but it is important to understand. You see for those who are prone to multiple food allergies it can be very easy to develop a new allergy later on in their lives. This is because there are too many of the allergens or antibodies in the system for the immune system to deal with. In this case the body begins to show a reaction as it tries to break down these foods. So for college students with food allergies in dorms it is important that the student take the proper time to eat and stick with a rotation diet.

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