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What Causes Allergies

A carpet and allergies are like best friends. Your carpet soaks up anything that touches it and won't release it until it is thoroughly washed. You wouldn't wear a T-shirt for a year but carpet is fibrous material just like your clothes. the link between your carpet and allergies is indisputable -- but it is made better or worse depending on how old the carpet is, how thick it is and its quality (some poor carpets shed more easily). Of course, if you clean it more, it should contain less allergens also!

Clean the Carpet and Allergies Will Stay Away

The best way to keep allergies away is to regularly clean your carpets. Carpets harbor mold, dust mites and pollen. Make sure you vacuum your carpet regularly which will keep these allergens to a minimum. Clean up spills quickly because, apart from possible stains, mold can result from this. This is especially a problem in humid parts of the world lacking adequate ventilation. If you do the above you will have a more visually clean carpet and allergies will be reduced. You should also do a good shampoo once a year -- either by a product that you can use with a vacuum or hire a special carpet cleaning vacuum that runs moving water through the carpet as you move.

New Carpets and Allergies

Despite not holding the usual airborne allergens that latch onto carpets, a brand new carpet can also cause allergic reactions. During manufacture of the carpet, various chemicals are used that some people are allergic to. The best way to limit these outbreaks is to air the carpet well once it is installed by ventilating the room well. Unfortunately, this usually cannot be done before installation because carpets are rolled up for storage.

Most people are aware that there is a strong correlation between a carpet and allergies arising from it, but by following the above advice of keeping your carpet clean, you or your family need not suffer any more.

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