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What Causes Food Allergies

What is the definition of food allergies? How might it differ from other food related issues? There are some individuals who have intolerance to juice because of the acid. It causes the person stomach pain, diarrhea, and maybe even a small rash, but this intolerance is not necessarily an allergy. This is why it is important to understand the definition of food allergies so that you know what is actually an allergic reaction, and what is only a mild intolerance. It will help you seek the proper treatment and keep yourself healthy.

First food intolerance means that you have a reaction to food because your body doesn't have the necessary enzymes to break down the food you have eaten or in the case of juice you may find your stomach has more acid than is normal. With a food allergy you are looking at something that causes an immediate reaction to eating the food, in which your throat closes up, you can go into anaphylactic shock, and the hives appear almost within seconds of ingesting the food. You will also find that food allergies are related to the immune system. This is one of the reasons the reaction to the food can be so quick. As soon as the food touches your skin or inside your mouth your body starts to react as the first taste reaches your body's immune system.

Once you understand the definition of food allergies you can help to remedy the situation. For instance, if you have only a mild case of intolerance you may not see a need to change your diet. On the other hand if you have a true food allergy that will cause anaphylactic shock the instant the substance touches your skin you are going to have to change your diet. You see for most food allergies that individuals suffer from it will be a mild case, where they may feel a little swelling, but generally be okay, as the symptoms will disappear in a few hours. With the more severe cases the food and any food substance must be avoided from even coming into contact on the outer skin. If a person with a severe allergy were to touch peanut oil they could have a reaction that causes the need for epinephrine. This means that eating such foods could indeed cause death before the actual medication were to work. The definition of food allergies is a constant and it is something one should understand for the proper treatment to be provided.

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