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What Food To Feed A Cat Who Has Allergies

Just like a human being, a cat needs a balanced and proper diet, if it is to remain healthy (although of course the details of the diet differ). Cats can quite choosy eaters and tend to prefer to snack throughout the day. Cats can easily form an addiction to a particular food, especially food such as fresh meat and fish.. so do not give your cat just one or two food types, especially when it is still a kitten. If you give a variety of foods to your cat, it will enjoy it more, and a mixed diet will also give the cat the nutrition it needs.

Time and time again, you'll see cat owners feed dog food to their cats. This is the wrong thing to do, because your cat has different nutritional needs from your dog. Dog food is for dogs, cat food is for cats. This is a very simple rule to live by, yet many people ignore it.

As mentioned previously, cats have different dietary requirements from people. Your cat is not like you and should not be fed like a human! You should not train your cat to eat table scraps as they will not suffice for your cat's nutritional requirements. Additionally, it is myth that cats need to have milk, in fact if you feed your cat too much milk, it can be bad for its digestive system.

The best thing to do is to use good quality cat food. You should also make sure your cat is fed enough meat (remember cats are predators) which is important for your cat's diet as it produces essential metabolites. Additionally, cats need water, so make sure that you provide clean, fresh water everyday.

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